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401(k) Plan Confidence

Have you ever wished there was someone to help you decide exactly what funds to invest in through your 401(k) or Company retirement plan? And when to make important changes?

Well, look no further than our team of experts who provide professional investment advice on your 401(k) or company retirement plan through our 401(k) Plan Confidence Program.

This is what you get:

  • Establishing a diversified asset allocation based on your risk tolerance and investment time horizon.
  • Assessing current market & economic conditions to determine what funds to invest in, how much to contribute to each fund, and when to reallocate funds (ALERTS sent to you on URGENT CHANGES).
  • Communicating investment advice via e-mails on a monthly basis with semi-annual conference calls.

And the best part is you keep all the money there at the 401(k) or company retirement plan – nothing transfers over to our firm.

We provide all investment advice based on the fund selections you have available within your company plan.

The 401(k) Plan Confidence Program is a consulting service we provide in which a monthly investment advisory fee of $20 will be charged, payable via credit card. If for any reason, you wish to terminate the consulting service agreement there are NO termination fees, surrender fees, or exiting fees whatsoever. You are not locked into any long-term contracts or obligations. Would you like to check it out? Click here for a FREE tour.





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